If the heart has no worries,
the body has no limits

Sun Simiao

Iza Miętka

The world of Chinese Medicine opened its door for me my first teacher Matthias Hunecke. When I looked inside and listened to eastern philosophy, I discovered different thinking about nature, humans, health and harmony. I learned to use needles, cupping therapy, Gua Sha. I touched, tasted and understood the power of herbs. I observed Matthias with his patients and practiced with him in Free Clinic in Nepal.
Helping people, restoring harmony in their body and life, working with physical and emotional pain, stress, helping people to get pregnant and watching their children coming to this world - all that I'm happy to experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. After Matthias Hunecke I followed that path with other amazing teachers: Caitlin Donovan, Jani White, Tuvia Scott, Joan Duveen, Rani Ayal and Yair Maimon. Nowadays, patients are my greatest teachers. They are a treasury of wisdom, showing me what is really possible in therapy and what is the exact location of certain acupuncture points. They teach humility and patience and prove the amazing effectiveness of Chinese Medicine.
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Acupuncture is beneficial for both body and soul. Even though it is associated with needles the procedure is pleasant and relaxing. This ancient practice cures not only body, by improving it's functions, but it also smoothes emotions. The entire Chinese Medicine relies upon acupuncture, herbalism and Qi Gong practice. The diagnosis and therapy is preceded by holistic look upon a human being - their body and mind. The body is not independent from what we experience, thus it is important to treat physical and emotional ailments at the same time.
Acupuncture in Chinese language is written with two signs: Zhen... and Jiu...
Zhen stands for a needle and Jiu for moxibustion, which is burning mugwort (lat. artemisia) cigar over acupuncture points located on the body. The needles used during procedure are sterile, disposable and come in different sizes adapted to stimulated points on the body. Sometimes these points are additionally heated with moxa cigar.


Helping couples to bring their children to the earth is a big part of my work. Behind each couple there's a different story that requires individual therapy, consisting of acupuncture, diet recommendation, lifestyle change and often herbs. Length of the therapy depends on a disorder. The treatment prepares woman's body, regulating menstrual cycle, supporting creation of good quality egg cells and improves man's sperm quality and mobility. At the same time acupuncture supports spirit, quieting excessive emotions, anxiety and fears. Minimal therapy length amounts 90-120 days. Acupuncture supports natural conception as well as in vitro procedures. In case of in vitro the treatment assists in preparation for the procedure, stimulation and preparation for a punction . They also help before and after the transfer. And when we have a Little Big Success we often continue treatment throughout the entire pregnancy and for the time of labour I instruct couples how to use acupressure in order to help mothers in labour.



In Chinese Medicine emotions are connected with Elements (5 Elements theory) and organs. Fear is connected to kidneys, aggression to liver, grief and sadness to lungs, and worry to spleen. That is why treatments strengthening kidneys soothe fears, treatments relaxing liver help to deal with aggression, and those improving spleen work and digestion allow patients to get rid of worrying. Acupuncture effectively helps treating mental illnesses such as neurosis, anxiety and depression.

Stress management

We all rush through life sometimes and we're under time pressure and stress.
Our bodies and minds are tense and the energy cannot flow easily. Then numerous ailments appear. Acupuncture and accompanying therapies relax tense body and quiet mind by calming the spirit. The effect can be noticed during the treatment or right after. It's worth to take control over stress before it rules our body and somatic ailments start to appear.

Supporting child development

I like to work with children a lot, and some children like acupuncture, so they come to my office regularly. I use Tuina massage for tummy problems or sleep issues at children as early as in their first month. It is good to use it up until year 8th. My Little Patients also like cupping therapy and Gua Sha. Acupuncture strengthens kids' immune system, calms excessive activity, aids digestion and supports physical and mental development.

Pain relief

Acupuncture, Gua Sha and cupping therapy help to treat pain in both severe and chronic cases. The improvement is visible quite fast especially in cases of tense and sore shoulders, pain in the lower back and hip and knee problems. In severe cases few visits can be enough to bring relief, but in chronic cases, lasting few months or years, longer therapy could be necessary.

Dealing with infections

Cold, influenza, throat issues and sinuses - these are common ailments haunting both children and adults. Acupuncture, cupping therapy and simple herb remedies bring relief. They heal seasonal ailments, as well as chronic problems with sinuses or poor immunity system. A special diet can be also prescribed in this case.


In the old days wise men prevented illnesses, before they appeared, similarly a good emperor or efficient government can prevent war before it breaks out. When somebody digs a well right when they feel thirst or forges weapon when the war has already started they can only be asked:
Isn't that too late for this? (from the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor - The Neijing Suwen). Therefore, if nothing worries you - it's great! In my clinic you can strengthen or even master your sense of well-being.

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